Think And Measure Your Personal Progress

Meaning Of Personal Progress


Personal Progress refers to the self-improvement of your skills, knowledge, personal qualities, life goals and outlook.


How Do I Think And Measure My Personal Progress


Anthony Robbins, the famous author of Awakening the Giant within said “if you want to be great, ask great questions”. As you prepare for the great future ahead of you, you may need to ask yourself quality questions that will set you thinking vigorously.

In order to measure your personal progress, it’s important to firstly gain and practice self-awareness.


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Self Awareness


It’s nearly impossible to know where you’re at and measure your progress without having self-consciousness and awareness.

Self-awareness keeps you grounded in reality and present in the moment.

A self aware person won’t sugarcoat nor understate the truth and with false or inaccurate pretenses about himself / herself and abilities.

Having self-awareness means to be real and honest with yourself. Consequently, Lack of self-awareness is essentially being blind to yourself and your personal growth.


Questions To Help You Think And Measure Your Personal Progress


Questions quake us; Questions wake us up from our slumber, so we can face issues as they are..

In an effort to become more self-aware in your life, Here are just few questions to help you think and measure your personal progress.

Spend some time to think through these questions. Get a pen, a sheet of paper and write down your answers..  Let’s explore.


• Who am I ?

• What is the meaning of life ?

• Where am I going in life ?

• Where are my dreams ?

• What are my fears ?

• What are the positive values I believe in ?

• What steps can I take to realize my dreams ?

• What are the obstacles I am likely to face ?

• What talents do I have ?

• What are my strengths and weaknesses ?

• In what specific areas do I need to develop myself ?

• What kind of friends do I need ?

• How can I spend my 24 hours everyday wisely ?

• What is that powerful vision that shapes my habits and lifestyle ?

• Do I usually get going even when the going gets tough ?

• How can I overcome peer pressure ?

• Which of my habits is holding me back ?

• What new habits do I need to cultivate ?

• Who are the people I respect most ?

• What do I see in them that attracts me ?

• What usually gets me angry ?

• What will bring me joy of fulfillment ?

• What lessons have I learnt from my past experiences ?

• What do people always admire in me ?

• What do people always criticize about me ?

• What is my greatest aspiration ?

• Where do I want to be in the next five years ?

Once you answer these questions, don’t stop getting to know yourself. Just like you’re physically getting older and changing, so does your perspective. Shifting in ideas and beliefs, and making time over the years to acknowledge those changes within yourself can help you stay in tune with how you grow over time.   Ensure you do this self-development homework – Answers to those aforementioned questions will fetch you rich insights that will show you the way forward from where you are now. Practicing self-awareness more deliberately, your life will be massively improved.


Think And Measure Your Personal Progress




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