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M.O.D.E For Achievers

You can’t dodge responsibility and hope to bump into success someday; it doesn’t happen that way…

Success is costly and you can’t argue over its price, but I have good news for you.. I have got you a M.O.D.E: Magnetism, Optimism, Dynamism and Enthusiasm.

If you desire to be an achiever, then you need to adopt a MODE.. Achievers are models with a mode that consists of Magnetism, Optimism, Dynamism and Enthusiasm.



Magnetism is your ability to attract the right people and resources into your life. Of course, you need them to achieve your dreams. But first, you need to be attracted to yourself before you can become a human magnet that attracts people.

“Your mind is a magnet. You don’t attract what you need or what you want; you attract who you are. And I love who I am!”  ~ Carlos Santana.

Develop a high self-esteem, a highly positive impression of yourself. Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself. Stop wishing to be someone else, because you are special and unique.

Eleanor Roosevelt, a former American First Lady and humanitarian said no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Why should you feel inferior or intimidated? Why do you carry a fear of rejection all about? Don’t listen to that voice that tells you: “You’re worthless”, “You’re useless”, “You’re good for nothing”, “You can’t make it”….. Please learn to accept yourself. A great self-esteem turns you into a human magnet!

So also, you have to be nice to people, encourage, appreciate and celebrate people around you. Show sincere concern about others and treat everyone as though they are important. Note that we all want to feel important. People are naturally attracted to achievers and to people who know where they are going in life.

Magnetism is the quality that emerges when optimism, dynamism and enthusiasm find expression in your everyday living. These concepts are tied together..



Optimism makes you expect the best in all things. To build up optimism, you need to surround yourself with encouragers in form of friends, tapes and books. Remember, achievers are positive thinkers.

Optimism keeps you hopeful and hardworking even in the face of challenges. Never be negative even when things seem not to be working out as you expected. From time to time, give yourself positive mental pep talks. Say good things to yourself: “I am destined to succeed”, “I have gifts of greatness”,”I see things working out well for me”, and so on. Remember, people are attracted to the positive, than to the negative….



Dynamism wakes you up every morning with determination and makes you go to bed at night with satisfaction. Achievers demonstrate dynamism; they have come out of the Ls namely; laziness, lukewarmness and laxity. Models are always on the move to the next level. They appreciate action, not just words. Be dynamic and remember your destiny also depends on your dynamism.



Dr. Bill Newman, in his insightful book titled “The Ten Laws of Leadership”; noted that “you can develop enthusiasm by taking on new challenges with a positive outlook. No one keeps up his enthusiasm automatically. It must be nurtured with new actions, new aspirations, new efforts, new visions and initiatives. If your enthusiasm fades out, you’re to blame because you didn’t feed it.


Do you know it took Thomas Edison ten thousand trials before he could get the right materials for the light bulb we all enjoy today? Enthusiasm kept him going. He never lost his energy, eagerness and excitement even though failure fought his steps initially..
All achievers are models and every model has a MODE. So if you want to become a success story that will inspire the people of your generation and continue to inspire generations after yours, you must build your everyday life around Magnetism, Optimism, Dynamism and Enthusiasm.
These four concepts guided John Goddard, an American adventurer, explorer, author and lecturer. Above all, He was at the tender age of fifteen when he sat down and made a list of 127 challenging lifetime goals he wanted to accomplish.. Think of his age and your age; That’s a purpose-driven youth!

Practice a M.O.D.E; Magnetism, Optimism, Dynamism and Enthusiasm. They are ever ready to guide you into the fulfilment of your dreams.

M.O.D.E for Achievers..

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